Snubb Pack brake provides control and efficiency for retarding the swinging movement of a dipper door. The retarding mechanism comprises a hydraulic braking assembly mounted to the dipper bucket and operatively connected to the dipper door. The system is fully adjustable and takes a few minutes greatly reducing downtime due to adjustment or service.

Snubb Pack is a Heavy-Duty design, able to operate in extreme conditions without loosing braking power. Incredible braking performance is distributed evenly between the two brake units.

Snubb Pack uses a ecological fluid that contributes to achieve your goals of environmental compliance..

Simple and effective, the maintenance requires a minimum of tools and time.

Snubb pack
  • Incredible hydraulic braking power (< 7000 psi).
  • The braking performance is evenly distributed between the two brake units
  • The adjustment is made in a few minutes with only a portable hydraulic power pack.
  • The adjustment could be made at the ground level.
  • Hydraulic system is compatible with ecological fluid.